because deep down inside, we are all ugly bugs

Comics, drawings and visual ramblings from the sketchbooks of Steph Goodwin

Making cute,  hand painted jewellery!

rat tattoo based off of a drawing by uglybugcomics! 

This is AMAZING!


rat tattoo based off of a drawing by uglybugcomics

This is AMAZING!

Pastel Rabbit Original Painting by uglybugsteph on Etsy

Chinchilla Brooch glittery by uglybugsteph on Etsy

I have lots of stuff up on Etsy! Including this super cute, super glittery chinchilla brooch! Please check it out.


Another small original for sale.

I made this drawing in memory of a little mouse I saw being killed on the street by a jerk.

I just brought this. I knew when I saw it I had to have it. I started crying during checkout because I’m a wreck and this is so beautiful.

Close up of a rat painting I’m working on at the moment
Alex is a hobo and now he is in Canada that somehow makes him more of a hobo.
My lovely late Lulu,  the best rat I’ve ever known,  and a dear friend
This is me as of late.
Hamster comics (see also,  bonus mouse/rat)
Cutting the grass